Exotic Woodturners was established in 1998 and has earned an enviable reputation within the wood turning industry for commitment to quality, efficiency and innovative designs.

Exotic Woodturners stands apart from all other furniture. We produce fit-outs and pieces for you to inspire, excite and enjoy. We manufacture exclusive and custom-made products in most available solid and exotic timbers on the market today and can produce single items, as well as larger production quantities. Our capabilities include traditional hand turning as well as copy lathe.

Our dedicated projects team work with developers, architects, engineers on fit-outs for exclusive homes, villas, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, educational institutions, and similar developments. These projects typically involve a combination of our standard products and customized pieces to match the project’s particular design elements.



Exotic Woodturners dedicated projects team work with developers, architects, engineers, designers on fit-outs for exclusive homes, villa, hotel, restaurant, shopping centre, educational institutions and similar developments. These projects typically involve a combination of standard Exotic Woodturners products and customised pieces to match the project’s particular design elements.


Exotic Woodturners furniture is crafted from natural materials. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally-sustainable and avoid toxins and chemicals. Even the finishing oils are 100% natural. Nothing is wasted and packaging materials are fully recyclable.


Fit-outs of restaurants, food stores, and custom designed furniture.


Museums, libraries, pubs, parks & gardens with standard and modified products.


Collection, modified and custom furniture. Fit-out for selected Hotel projects including rooms, public areas and spas.


Your Exotic Woodturners furniture is a quality durable product. We regularly receive photos of our projects done from our customers as far as 20 to 30 years ago who are still enjoying their furniture, sometimes having passed to the second generation. It all begins with good quality materials and workmanship, but is extended with maintenance, love and care.


In general, our furniture is produced with lots of attention paid to its usability. This accent on the practical should provide you with generous comfort and lasting satisfaction. In return, to obtain the best from your furniture, it must be used sensibly. This means avoiding;

  • Sitting on the arms
  • Tilting chairs on their back legs
  • Positioning furniture in direct sunlight
  • Free falling into chairs
  • Putting hot things on flat surfaces (they will burn/leave marks)
  • Dirt, dust, shoes and domestic animals on furniture


Our warranty is given on the understanding that Exotic Woodturners manufactures custom made products. No two pieces are the same. Each piece is unique in appearance and cannot be replicated exactly. There will always be differences including trim colours, binding sizes and styles. There will always be colour variations (as wood is a natural product) and different shapes and sizes. In difference lies beauty.

  1. All structural frames are guaranteed for a minimum of one year. At any time within this period, Exotic Woodturners will repair or replace at its option, any wood or steel part of the frame which the company determines is defective material or workmanship, which is not a result of normal wear and tear, nor a natural characteristic of the material used. All other refurbishing or repairs will be done at minimum cost for the life of the structural guarantee. Whilst we take care only to purchase quality componentry, we do not guarantee leather, foam, or fabrics, which are all purchased from other suppliers.


  1. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and requires presentation of original receipt. It does not apply to defects arising from normal wear and tear, corrosion, negligence, misuse, alterations, imprudence, accident or when the article has been repaired by anyone else other than the original manufacturer.
  2. The cost of transporting furniture to and from our factory (for service or service under warranty) is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  3. Should you require advice on any of our products please telephone your consultant. A “House Call” can be made to discuss any problem but a service fee, in line with industry best practice,may be charged.

This guarantee shall only apply whilst the furniture is cleaned, cared for and maintained in good condition.